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Answer Me When I Call (Psalm 4) - SATB - Adam Paltrowitz
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Oseh Shalom - SSAA - Adam Paltrowitz
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The Road Not Taken - SATB - Adam Paltrowitz
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The latest choral work of Adam Paltrowitz for SATB - A-Cappella:

Answer Me When I Call (Psalm 4) 

The story:

This brand new work was written for the Plainview-Old Bethpage John F. Kennedy High Schools Summer Choral Clinic of 2015, under the guest conductor, Mr. Ron Meixsell. Since this is the only time throughout the year that our choir performs a concert in a church, Psalm 4 was chosen as the text.  


Answer Me When I Call  is melodic, diatonic and rhythmically attainable.  It was composed in a way where all students can learn the rhythm together.  It has a lingering chord that is the focus of the entire piece; the chord of do, fa, sol is the eternal question and the search for comfort  The shape of the line and the musical interpretation of the text makes this a touching and relatable story for choir members and audience members alike.  The harmonies are modern and sophisticated yet the piece maintains s feel that transcends time.

To view the sheet music, click here









The story:

This original setting of “Oseh Shalom” is a joint quest to stop fighting and to share our Earth peacefully.

As many intense conflicts around the world have been going on continuously for thousands of years, the ability to create a current and eternal state of peace is nearly impossible.  Any “current” situation could be solved and/or easily mediated, should both parties meet with a goal of resolution; peace, however, is far more complicated, as those who have felt “wronged” carry the burden passed on from previous generations.  With so many people on both sides of a conflict carrying-on past legacy, a current resolution usually lacks the comfort of a definitive and absolute resolution.

Adam’s setting of “Oseh Shalom” reflects the continuous, pent-up tension followed by tentative moments of temporary resolution;  while there is a clear and definitive ending to this artistic yet singable composition, it is one that does not attempt to predict our world’s fate.  This deeply-rooted tension provides the source for the passion and longing found in our adjoined hearts and souls for eternal peace.

While the SSAA provides added color, nuance and complexity, the SA voicing fully maintains the character and beauty of this intense emotional plea.

Oseh Shalom
Hu ya’aseh shalom aleynu
Ve’al kol yisrael
Ve’imru Amen

He who makes peace in his high places
He shall make peace upon us
And upon all of is real
And say Amen

To view the sheet music, click here





The Road Not Taken

poem by Robert Frost

The story:

This original setting of “The Road Not Taken", a poem that connects deeply with our most important life choices.  I composed this piece in the Winter, after I had just have one-on-one conversations with several of my high school seniors; each student was trying to figure out what school was the right fit for them, but felt a sense of fear that whatever choice they made would leave doubt in their minds.  "What if I chose the wrong school?"

We may believe that we are destined down the road that we are supposed to take, but may always have a twinge of wonder or even regret about that other opportunities we passed up.  

My setting is intended to bring out the wonder and the doubt every step of the way.  It is written with the goal of being easily attainable for an average to above-average high school ensemble.   

To view the sheet music, click here

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